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Monday, November 08, 2004

Now I Understand...

I think I get it now. Bush really is a uniter, it is the staffers that divide. See, Bush unites and gets a clean conscience, while Rove feeds the fire and reassures a segment of the "base".

I would think this tactic would work a lot better before the advent of near instanteous communication so that the message could be more narrowly targeted, but I guess it works well enough these days too... if I didn't, I'm sure Rove wouldn't do it.

Now what I want to know if this means that Bush is willing to spend political capital on this issue as well, or is this something they plan to leave to Congress? At least Rove is signalling that he only wants the admendment to include text referring to marriage, unlike the version of the admendment that was bandied about over the summer.


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