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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What haven't you read, that you should have read?

This is a neat thread - what I find facinating about it is that a not insignificant number of these books that people are deeply embarrassed to not have read, I've never even heard of! My goodness that was a convoluted sentence.

I guess that shows the limits of my education... and I guess that applies to both parts of the above paragraph.

I'm trying to think what I consider embarrassing not to have read - I guess it depends on what I consider my field to be. I'll have to think about this a bit more and see if I can come up with anything, as my brain is too tired to think about such heady things as this.

And this is a further thought, from the comments:
"Wonderful question, and if you also asked which is the book one is most embarrassed to to have read, boom, you could read a person's character through the answers to those two questions."

And also, this article from Slate, which starts with:

In his novel Changing Places, David Lodge describes a literary parlor game called "Humiliations" in which participants confess, one by one, titles of books they've never read. The genius of the game is that each player gains a point for each fellow player who's read the book—in other words, the more accomplished the reader, the lower his or her score. Lodge's winner is an American professor who, in a rousing display of one-downmanship, finally announces that he's never read Hamlet.

I think I would like to play this game, especially after a couple glasses of wine.


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