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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

And how does this make sense?

So yesterday was the 66th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and a Norwegian anti-racist group forbade Jews from participating in their march in memory of that night. This group stated that they could not guarantee the safety of the Jewish marchers, who wanted to march while carrying the Star of David and Israeli flags. No, they were not concerned about people outside the march behaving agressively towards the Jews, they were concerned about the members of the anti-racist group!

And in other news, a European free speech group condemned the recently murdered Theo Van Gogh (murdered by an Islamic fascist who was opposed Van Gogh's film on the rights and treatment of some women under Islam) for excessively excercising his right to free speech. Then they all but accuse the man of having arranged his murder so as to promote his latest film.

And then there's the mural that someone made in Amsterdam to memorialize Theo Van Gogh with the text "Thou Shalt not Kill" on it - the text later had to be removed, as people complained that it was overly judgemental and racist.

How completely bizarre. Have these anti-racist and pro-free speech groups completely lost their sense of perspective? Has perspective drowned an a vast sea of moral relativism? How is it that these groups don't see the irony of what they are doing?

And I wonder, how many people in the US fail to see the irony here as well?


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