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Monday, January 03, 2005

Reading in 2004

Inspired by Anirvan's post over on the Bookfinder Journal I decided to put together my 2004 reading stats. I don't (currently!) post a log of all that I read, but I have been keeping track of all the books I've read since June of 1998.

So, without further ado...

2004 Reading Stats:
Number of Books read: 64
Average read per month: 7.8
Greatest number of books read in one month: 9 (March)
Lowest number of books read in one month: 1 (November, the month I read Quicksilver)
Number of Pages: 22,044
Number writen by female authors: 17 (28%)
Number writen by male authors: 44 (69%)
Number writen by at least one male and one female author: 2 (3%)
Number non-fiction: 19 (30%)
Number fiction: 45 (70%) (Sci-fi: 20 or 31% of the total and 44% of the fiction I read - and what is the definition of sci-fi anyway?)
Number of books I disliked: 3 (5%)
Number of books I am ambivalent about: 6 (10%)
Number of books I liked: 52 (80%)
Number of books I don't remember anything about: 3 (5%)

Looking over this, I'm surprised that I read so few books written by women. I think that is in part because I spend so much time reading Heinlein (10 books) and other sci-fi authors like William Gibson (4 books). I am also surprised that I liked so many of the books I read, although I suppose that's a good thing! I find it somewhat disturbing that I can't remember anything about 3 of the books I read. One of them, Killing Time by Caleb Carr, I didn't remember reading even after reading the description of the book on Amazon. I wonder what I thought of it at the time.

And just for reference, here's some historical data:
2003 - 55 books, 15836 pages
2002 - 70 books, 19880 pages
2001 - 91 books, 32494 pages
2000 - 82 books, 26025 pages
1999 - 79 books, 28245 pages
1998 - 58 books, 14414 pages (only 7 months recorded though)


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