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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Colds are no fun

I've had this cold for almost a week now, and I'm really getting tired of it! The worst was Tues and Wed, when I could barely drag myself out of bed... but today is a little better and I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be almost back to normal. I'm glad I was a little better today though, I had 9 overdue books that needed returning, and we were desperately low on cat sand. Both of these things have been remedied (thankfully, the overdue fine is only 10 cents a day here, per book) and now I am back to my sick, kleenex clutching, sloth-like state.

And on that note, I thought this post was absolutely great (via Instapundit) and I just had to share. I can so relate, on so many levels.

The Truth of the Flop


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