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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I keep running across moms who talk about their kids having absolutely no sense of colors/patterns matching, wearing whatever they first pull out of their drawers without respect to occasion or season, etc... Well, I just can't relate.

For instance, we went out to Trader Joe's this afternoon and Emma was wearing pink underwear, pink tights, a pink plaid sleeveless dress, a white shirt under the dress (in case it was cold, she said), topped off with a matching pink kerchief in her hair and black dress shoes. Yes, she does this all on her own. Next to her in the cart was a little stuffed bear, wearing a skirt, a matching sweater, and little matching shoes.

Me? I was wearing a dip-dyed maternity shirt (going from dark green to lime green), jean shorts, and black flip-flops.

Let's just say I felt a little underdressed... my mom always used to say that "I'm no girly-girl" (which is really quite true - I have only recently started wearing dresses for non-formal occasions and I doubt I could put make-up on decently to save my life) but it seems that my daughter has, um, diverted from this quite a bit.

It really is so amazing to watch their little personalities bloom and grow!


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