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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Housing Insanity & Limbo

I read today that the median home price has reached 619K in the Bay Area and 586K in Alameda County (where we live). I haven't found published data for the city we live in, but we seem to run about 75K higher than the county median which puts up somewhere around 660K. Oh joys. We need to get out of here!!! But I think I've already made that abundantly clear *grin*.

I feel like we're in limbo right now - we can't really make a decision about if we're going to move to the Portland/Vancouver area until after our trip, and it really doesn't seem wise to start doing anything until after the baby is born. So, yes, limbo. It is tempting to make decisions about where to go and when just for the sake of making them, but somehow I don't think that's the way to get the best results, especially on such life-altering (and hopefully life-long!) decisions. In a way, I think we've been in limbo since we sold the house in the Santa Cruz mountains and moved here. We were intending to stay here for 2-3 years (and it will be 2 years in April!), work with the cohousing group to get that built (which has sadly imploded - I no longer think they will ever get anything going), then move. Once we dropped out of the cohousing group we figured that we'd use our time here to decide if we would attempt to buy here (ha!) or figure out somewhere else to go. So, really, we have made some decisions, it just feels like each decision we've made has led to a larger field of decisions rather than a smaller one. At this point I'm trying to think what I need to do to plan for a tenative move in the spring. Our condo community is having a community-wide garage sale this weekend which we really should participate in (although I am really dragging my feet and *not* looking forward to it at all!) and I'm also trying to figure out what else we should do to prepare. I'm slowly going through the house, cleaning, de-cluttering and just generally trying to get a handle on what we have and no longer need. I'm also trying to make sure our financial house is in order. I ordered our credit reports over the weekend (first time in two years, oops) and that all looked great. I also splurged and bought our credit scores and I was pleased to see that we are doing very well in this area, and that we had improved from we were about three years ago when I last saw our scores. Other than these things, I'm not really sure what else I should do - any suggestions?

But in other news, I finally repotted my faithful and much neglected houseplants. I've only needed to do this for the last three years or so, and for some reason today was their lucky day. I figure since they've managed to grow in such poor conditions they will either go into shock and finally croak, or they will thrive and grow into giant monsters and take over the kitchen.


  • Limbo is just plain exhausting. There's no other way to put it. Well, there are other ways to put it, but they're either not fit to print, or they're disgustingly cheerful and you would no longer believe anything that came out of my mouth. ;-) Hang in there! You're making phenomenal progress, even if it doesn't feel like it.

    FWIW, that baby will never be more portable that it is right now, before it gets here. And even shortly after he or she arrives, you'll still have a pretty good portability/resiliency system going. Don't let that hinder you, ok? I speak from experience. We moved a month after John was born. It's great - you can just put the carrier in a corner while you unload boxes, and they stay. put.

    We moved twice right before Smidge was born. We'd only been in our house a week when he arrived. He never noticed the boxes.

    And now, with this one, we're at it again. But each move brought us closer to this one. Sometimes you've got to go if all other indicators are pointing that way.

    The baby will grow, even if you're moving. The baby will come, even if you're moving. And it will still be okay.

    Sounds like you've got your bases covered. I can't wait to hear about the trip! And the other things - work, housing, midwives, will be easier to sort through after your trip.

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