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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Weekend

We drove down to Southern CA on Saturday to visit with Matt's family over the long weekend. It has been both a relaxing and eventful weekend. After the 7.5 hour drive up on Saturday, we got to spend a very nice evening visiting with Matt's cousin and her family, which was very enjoyable. I think I have made a new friend, even if she does live on the other side of the state.

Sunday started off rather eventfully with Emma vomiting at about 6am. She was under the weather with some sort of stomach bug for the rest of the day, but did recover for the most part by the evening, thankfully. The poor little girl was definitely not her usual self. I find it interesting that at three, she identifies that queasy feeling that precedes vomiting as hunger and thirst. I wonder at what point she'll figure that out. Having your child sick is hard on the parents too, especially when there is nothing you can do except try to make her comfortable and wait it out. This was the first time she's been sick since she stopped nursing about 2 months ago and while it wasn't something she was asking for, I missed being able to offer her that particular comfort. Oh well, it had to stop at some point, and before I know it I'll be nursing a new little one!

Monday was busy in the morning, as we got up to go watch the annual 4th of July parade in the housing development that Matt's parents live in. It is a cute and chaotic little parade, with lots of children on bikes, scooters and strollers, all dressed in their patriotic best. I was really impressed at the amount of time and effort some of the families put into decorating their wagons and other vehicles. It was neat to see the community come together for the celebration, and to see all the children and grown-ups enjoying the day. Emma was still a bit run down after her experience the day before so we opted to head back after the parade and not stay for the games and hot dogs... although once she was back she refused to rest at all, of course.

A little later in the afternoon Matt's mom and I were watching Emma play in the backyard when we heard sirens approaching. We looked at each other and commented on the busy day the police must be having, but as we were saying that we could tell that the sirens were approaching very fast. Just as the sirens sounded like they were on the next street over, we could also hear the screeching of tires, followed by an extremely loud *CRASH* *scrape* *thunk*. We looked at each other in shock, and Susan ran out of the backyard to see what had happened. I could hear the police officers getting out of their cars and shouting "DON'T YOU MOVE!" and "FREEZE!" - Susan later reported that there were eight officers with guns drawn, all pointed at the vehicle. The vehicle, a minivan, had flipped on its top, skidded a ways, and then flopped onto its side. One man was able to get out from the back, but with difficulty as he had something wrong with his leg. The other two had to be helped out of the vehicle, one even requiring that the van be lifted off of him before he could be untangled. The police ended up shutting down the street for a couple hours, while they got everyone out and conducted their investigation. The CHP had to show up as well, as the chase started on the freeway a couple miles away before ending in this quiet suburban community. It was quite a shock to have all this happen just around the corner from the house. I can't imagine why someone would decide that the best course of action when being asked to pull over is to flee, especially through suburban streets. How many people can actually get away, especially when driving an old minivan? It makes me wonder what the bigger story is... did they just panic and do something totally stupid? Were they on drugs? Were they just complete idiots who thought a car chase would be fun? Very strange, I just can't understand at all. Emma was completely oblivious to all the events, which was about what I was aiming for.

On Monday evening we put Emma to bed because she was absolutely exhausted and then walked over to see the fireworks display at a local high school. It was the first time I've seen fireworks synchronized to music for a number of years, and I was struck by how much better those displays have gotten. The last two years we went to the fireworks display near Tahoe City, and the years before that we just skipped it. I felt a little guilty for leaving Emma behind, but I can't imagine she would have lasted well considering how tired she was that evening. Oh well, next year. She has no idea what she missed.

Today we were supposed to head back, but it looks like we're going to be staying an extra day, since Matt now has the evil stomach bug. At least we know it runs its course pretty quickly... I hope that Matt's parents and brother don't get it now.

Ooh! I think I just felt the baby move! :-)


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