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Monday, August 22, 2005

We're back!

Not that I mentioned that we were going anywhere or anything...

We did a 3 day camping trip with my husband's parents down at Sequoia National Park and had a very nice time. We stayed in the Mineral King area of the park, which is definitely off the beaten path. My husband has a knack for picking campgrounds like that! It was 20 miles off the highway on a one lane, seriously windy road. I was a little concerned that his parents would turn back about half-way up, as none of us realized just how far up we had to go and just how bad the road was going to be. The area is very nice though, and I'm glad we got a chance to see it. Yesterday we drove out through the main part of Sequoia (because we just couldn't get enough of all those windy roads, of course!) and stopped to look at the new Sequoia museum (which I definitely recommend) and have a nice picnic. We talked about stopping for a short hike, but we decided that we'd like to get home before dark so we'll just have to go back some other time to see more.

My in-laws really are great people to travel with, camp with, whatever. They get up early like we do (earlier, actually!), get ready to go out reasonably fast, and are up for pretty much whatever. No drama, no hassles, and they (especially my mother-in-law) love to entertain Emma so that I can be off duty for a bit. They are interesting to talk to, caring, and just generally nice people to be around. What more could I ask for? I really feel blessed for marrying into such a great family. (And the extended family on that side is wonderful too!)


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