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Monday, October 10, 2005

Quick little story

One little story I forgot to mention on my last post that I thought I would blog about... on the way up to Portland, there was a fair amount of turbulence. At first the baby was really bouncing around and kicking and pushing - I really don't think he liked the bouncing at all. After a bit though, I started feeling a very strong and steady pressure against my rib cage, and a lot of pressure down toward the bottom, at my cervix. I think the baby had figured out that he could brace himself to stop the bouncing, and then proceeded to do so for the rest of the flight. I was pretty amused by this, although it did make it rather hard to breathe!

(p.s. I am using he as a generic here, I'm not giving anything away since I don't know if we are having a boy or a girl)

Oh, another little story that I thought was funny - about 5 minutes after Emma was excused from the table at dinnertime, she came running back in saying that she was being chased by fierce bears. I asked her if she needed to go hide under the covers of her bed, but she said that the bears would be able to find her there. I then asked her what she thought she should do, and she replied that she was hoping that her nice mommy who loved her very much would let her on climb on her lap and save her from the fierce bears (all delivered with a great smile and giggle, of course!). Usually we discourage her from hanging on us after dinner, but I couldn't resist such a creative little story!

My mother-in-law is visiting until Wednesday, a visit we all enjoy. I am actually going to go out and run errands by myself today - what a novelty!

Still feel pretty drained about all the home-buying stuff, and generally not thinking about it much. I did check on that property this morning and it is no longer in MLS, but it is still on the listing agent's website. I'm not sure if that means they've already accepted an offer or if they've taken it off the market for some reason or what. Oh well, whatever, I just thought it was strange.


  • Oh, that is sweet! That's the stuff their memories and feelings about home are built on. *smile* You guys are so cool!

    Love the little guy's approach to solving the turbulence issue. That cracked me up!!

    Good luck with everything coming your way. How are you feeling, btw?? Doing ok? {{hugs}}

    By Blogger Dy, at 11:18 PM  

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