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Friday, January 13, 2006

100 Easy Lessons, Lesson 4

We completed lesson 4 today in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and all is still going well. (a shorter title for the book would have been nice though) She's getting better at watching the page and my finger rather than looking at me, which is making things easier. I tried having her point to the page and the letters, but it seemed like too much for her to think about at this point! For some reason though when we do the say it fast exercises, she likes to say the word fast in this breathy, whispery sort of voice that makes me think of Marilyn Monroe or something. It's pretty funny, but I'm definitely trying not to laugh so as not to encourage her. I just have her do it over again, after asking her "use your normal voice please".

We also have started working on the writing too, which is going fairly well. I realized that she didn't know how to hold her pencil correctly, so we've been working on that. In the course of doing this, I've realized that I don't hold my pencil correctly either. *sigh* At this point I'm teaching her how to hold the pencil the way I do it because I can't seem to demonstrate how to hold a pencil correctly and I certainly can't write that way at all. What's that again about old dogs and new tricks?? She's a lefty like me anyways, and I think we're doomed to write a little differently no matter what - between having to push across the page, dealing with the dreaded hook and all that sort of thing that drives elementary school teachers nuts.

I remember being in the first grade and being mortified because I was singled out to receive a special pencil with a big rubber grip on it because I still was not holding my pencil correctly. I wasn't doing the full preschooler fist anymore, but I would somehow hold the pencil between my thumb and my ring finger. Awkward, now that I try it again, but at the time it was so hard to go to anything else! I remember saying exactly what Emma said to me earlier this week - "but this way works for me, why do I have to do something else?" Definitely an interesting reversal of roles, and not the first or last time such a thing has or will happen!


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