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Sunday, January 08, 2006

2005 Reading

I've been keeping track of all of my reading since halfway through 1998. In case you're wondering why I decided to start halfway through the year, it's because I started keeping track the day after I graduated from college. It's an enjoyable exercise and even more fun now, thanks to LibraryThing. One of these days I'll get the rest of my reading log imported into LibraryThing, but right now I'm waiting for Matt to finish a script for me that would find all the ISBNs for the books in my Access database. Unfortunately, I kept all sorts of information about the books I read, except the ISBN - the one piece of information LibraryThing uses when it imports data.

I'm going to do a similiar tallying as I did last year, based on the stats at Librarian.Net's blog (via Anirvan at Bookfinder)

Without further ado, here's my reading stats for 2005.

Total Books: 61
Total Pages: 20,944
Average number of books read per month: 5.08
Average number of pages read per month: 1745
Greatest number of books read in one month: 8 (December)
Lowest number of books read in one month: 1 (October - Not sure what happened there...)
Number writen by female authors: 21 (35%)
Number writen by male authors: 38 (62%)
Collections of essays: 2 (3%)
Number non-fiction: 22 (36%)
Number fiction: 39 (64%)
Number of books I liked: 42 (69%)
Number of books I am ambivalent about: 16 (26%)
Number of books I disliked: 3 (5%)
Number of books I don't remember anything about: 0 (yippee! much better than last year)

Historical Data:
2004 - 63 books, 22,044 pages
2003 - 55 books, 15,836 pages
2002 - 70 books, 19,880 pages
2001 - 91 books, 32,494 pages
2000 - 82 books, 26,025 pages
1999 - 79 books, 28,245 pages
1998 - 58 books, 14,414 pages (only 7 months recorded though)

My post from 2004 on reading statistics


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