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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but I've been a little, well, preoccupied. I'm sure you can understand. We're all doing well here though, and settling in nicely together. Gregory so far seems to be a pretty mellow baby, which makes for a nice switch from our delightful but sometimes a bit intense daughter. From the beginning he's slept a good 4-5 hour stretch at a time at night, which took a little getting used to. For the first couple of nights I kept waking up to make sure he was still breathing! Emma was one of those babies who was up every hour and a half for months and months, so this is quite a change. Gregory also sleeps in longer chunks during the day, which is taking a little getting used to as well. Emma tended to only sleep in my lap, and spent a large portion of the time attached to my chest, whereas this little guy nurses intensely for about 30-40 minutes, is alert for quite awhile, then sleeps hard for a couple hours. I've already gotten quite used to nursing and reading to Emma at the same time, and that is working out well. Emma will ask me, "Will you read to Gregory?" or suggest that I nurse him so that I can also read to her. She's doing really well with him - she clearly adores him and loves to gently kiss his hand or forehead. She also just loves to look at him and wants him there when I read her a bedtime story.

I'm doing pretty well, really, but a definitely a little more tired than usual. I am still napping almost every day, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll get to do that as Matt is back at work and my in-laws are heading out early tomorrow morning. We'll see how it goes! On the plus side though I've already lost almost 25 lbs... only 20 more to go! *grin* Sounds like a New Year's resolution in the making, doesn't it...

I've had a couple other posts I've wanted to write and things I've wanted to say, but Gregory is waking up now so I think they'll have to wait until later (or never, I suppose, we'll see how it goes!).


  • wow - he sounds like a splendid child. May our Samwise take after him! :D

    By Blogger Jess, at 10:37 PM  

  • Oh, it sounds like your new family dynamic is just wonderful! I'm so proud of Emma, and I know you've enjoyed your time w/ the four of you together, getting to know each other all over again. Thanks for taking a bit to post. You've been in my thoughts.

    By Blogger Dy, at 4:04 PM  

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