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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pregnancy update

The Hazards of Pregnancy: Bread and Jam for Frances is not an easy book to read when one is perpetually queasy from pregnancy! It is better than Archie the Donut though, which we thankfully returned to the library yesterday.

But that aside, this pregnancy is going very well so far. I had my 18 week appointment with my midwife on Monday afternoon, and all seems well. I have "only" gained 10 lbs so far, which she says is fine and I am growing at the appropriate rate. I would like to stop feeling queasy, but I think that is just part of how my body deals with pregnancy... it certainly could be worse! The queasiness does help keep me in check though, as it gets worse if I do not eat regularly and well, tire myself out too much, or stay up too late. So, really, I just need to take good care of myself (which I should be doing anyways, of course!) and I feel pretty much fine.

I am looking forward to actually looking pregnant one of these days though. I still have everyone telling me that they can't even tell, which I think is funny because I feel HUGE! I am just not one of those women who instantly looks pregnant, rather I just look like I'm carrying a few extra pounds (which I am, I suppose, but with good reason!). At least it means that I am not spending from week 20 on trying to keep the baby's feet and elbows out of my rib cage like one woman I know. She at least looks pregnant from about week 14 on, but ends up feeling pretty beat up by the time the baby is born. Pluses and minuses to everything, I suppose! I know, silly and vain to be concerned about this, but part of it is that I just want everyone to know that I'm expecting a new little one. :-)

The baby is also moving a lot now - I am feeling movement every day and sometimes even a couple times a day. Sometimes there are even some pretty decent stretches of movement. Not bad for 18 weeks!


  • "I still have everyone telling me that they can't even tell, which I think is funny because I feel HUGE!"

    I SOOO remember feeling like that! Seriously, there were times when I really wanted to walk around sticking my stomach out, just to try to make it look like I had a little bit of a baby tummy! Of course, once I actually got that tummy and couldn't see my feet anymore, I wondered why I'd been in such a hurry. ;)

    By Blogger Emily, at 11:21 AM  

  • Hiya :)
    I see you're due in December, like me :) I wanted to show you two groups on Yahoo. One is mainstream, for winter moms... and the other is one that I created:
    I have 2 other children, both girls... one is 6 and the other is 2½. Nice to meet you :)

    By Blogger Alison, at 8:11 PM  

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