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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Busy Day

Well, not as busy as my Wednesday was last week, but still we were pretty busy. We started the day by picking up my MIL's friend that she flew up from Southern CA with then dropped them both off at the airport for their flight home. After that, we headed through the Caldecott Tunnel over into Walnut Creek, got lunch, then visited the Lindsay Museum. The Lindsay Museum is this intimate little wildlife museum with some great animals and displays. Emma and I hadn't been there since June, and we were both really looking forward to the visit. Even though it hadn't been that long since we were there last, I was really surprised at how differently Emma approached the museum. When you enter, they give you a little sheet with pictures of some of the animals (both living and taxidermy) that are in the museum so that you can do a little "treasure hunt" sort of thing while you are there. Previously, Emma has either completely ignored the paper, or just scribbled randomly on it, not really connecting the pictures with what we were seeing. This time, she totally got what it was for, and led me off into the museum, paper and pencil in hand ready to find what was on the sheet. It didn't last the whole time, but she would periodically refer back to it and I think she managed to find about half of the animals on the sheet. Since the sheet had a lot of prehistoric animals on it that she didn't know (that is their current temporary exhibit) I thought she did pretty well. I was impressed that even though she knew what the paper was for and wanted to do it, she wasn't single-mindedly focused on the paper either, and was interested in looking at everything still, even if it wasn't on the paper. I have seen some kids go through, paper in hand, and not even want to glance at the animals that are not on the paper. I thought she did a good job balancing the task given to her while still retaining her general curiosity. While I was there I signed us up for a class about the weather that will be every Thursday morning for the first three weeks of November. We took a class about the sun back in April, and she still talks about it so I thought it would be neat to do another one - especially before the baby comes!

Emma went to bed early, and I am already in my PJ's at 8:30. I'm sure I have some homework to do for my childbirth class so I think I'll try and tackle that next... and if I manage to stay awake after that I may either watch a movie and knit some more (I'm almost done with my second bootie!) or perhaps I'll dive into more of Pride and Prejudice (can you believe I have never read this book before?? Clearly there is something wrong with me). Hmm... decisions, decisions!

Oh, speaking of Pride and Prejudice, that reminds me that I added something else from LibraryThing to my sidebar. I've started entering the chapter books I've read to Emma, and what we are reading currently. What we are reading currently is displayed in the sidebar, and if you go to my library there's a tag called "read to Emma" that lists what it sounds like it should list. Can you tell I'm enjoying LibraryThing? My only quibble is that he's released his import functionality, and it is entirely based on ISBNs. Unfortunately, that is one piece of data about the books I've read that I have not been tracking in my database all these years so I won't be able to use it. Not sure what to do about that other than be slightly annoyed. :-)


  • Never read Pride and Prejudice? You're in for a treat, then. Then when you're finished, watch the BBC's 1980 movie instead of the 1995 miniseries or the new one coming out. Much truer to the characters in the book, and very period in style and motivation.

    By Blogger MrsDarwin, at 9:27 AM  

  • Oh what a wonderful, fun day! I love taking the boys to the museum. Every time is a different exploration for them, and you can really see how they've grown and changed. What fun.


    By Blogger Dy, at 5:14 AM  

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