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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stuck at the airport

We are stuck at the airport. We got here a little after 5 for our 8 pm flight (yes, we were eager to head home) only to find that our flight was delayed until about 10. Now the departure is set for 10:50 pm. This is a long time to sit at an airport, and I'm way beyond ready to BE HOME!!! Emma's doing great though - Matt and I are taking turns reading to her and exploring the airport with her. At least the Portland airport is quite nice and the food is decent. I'm not sure what's holding up our plane, but at least it is now in the air from SF and they have a good idea when it will be here. Using wi-fi at the airport is definitely cool, btw.

The trip has been great and we've had a wonderful time. At this point we're just thinking it is a matter of when rather than if in regards to moving up here. We're still trying to puzzle through logistics though, and I think we're only going to be casually looking until after the baby's born. We've also decided (*gulp*) that we're going to look for something further out on more land. We spent most of the day on Friday driving around and that's what we decided would be the right direction. We didn't just drive around though while we were here - we also went to the zoo, the science museum, Powell's (and got a bunch of great books - we're very excited, especially Matt), the Saturday Market (a neat local crafts market, the best of that sort of thing I've ever been to) and ate twice at this great brewery in downtown. I also got to take my first trip to a yarn store, which was overwhelming, but fun. I bought some yarn and a set of 5 double pointed needles... to go with my sock knitting book I picked up at Powells. I know I'll probably regret this later, but I am so fascinated by the idea of knitting socks I just couldn't resist. We'll see how I do... I've read one person say that knitting on double pointed needles was like wrestling with a porcupine, so I'll be curious to see how bad it really is.

Oh, so tired and so ready to be asleep in my own bed. I don't think we're going to be getting in at Oakland until after midnight and then we still have to get the car and drive home... I doubt we'll be home before 1:30 am. I really feel for Matt - he has to get up and go to work tomorrow, and he's already told me that this next week is going to be a busy week.


  • Ah, {{hugs}}. I don't envy you being stuck in an airport. Without a child in tow, at least you can sleep and bribe the gate staff to wake you when it's time to board. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip back!!


    By Blogger Dy, at 9:55 PM  

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