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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just thought I'd drop by to say hi

Things are fine here, nothing too exciting. I think the baby might have shifted position on Tuesday morning, although my belly has been so tense with Braxton Hicks contrations it has been a little hard to tell. Yesterday I sort of felt like something might be happening as I just felt sort of different and what I assume were still BH contractions were getting stronger and more regular, but of course they tapered off in the evening once Emma was in bed and I could sit down to rest for a bit. I've been feeling quite a bit of cleaning energy recently, which is a good thing considering my in-law are coming on Monday, but today I just feel kind of tired. Considering that Matt has two projects launching at the end of this week (one on Friday morning, one on Saturday morning!) I'm rather glad things have slowed down on my part for his sake. If I can help keep him from being torn between husband responsibilities and work responsibilities then I'm all for that.

I'm really looking forward to my visit w/ my midwife on Friday - she's coming here for the home visit, to talk about supplies and make sure she knows how to get here. I'm really hoping she'll be able to confirm that this baby has changed position!

Oh, I have to brag about Emma for a moment - we were just idly chatting while I was picking up yesterday and she was telling me about her two pretend cats. She said that the mama cat had kittens, so I asked how many and she said "5". I then asked if she kept them all or gave any of them away and she said she gave three of them away. I then asked her how many cats she had left and she answered without even pausing "4". I stopped, checked the math because I couldn't quite believe it, then just shook my head in amazement. She then said she gave away differing numbers of cats, and each time she was able to say very quickly how many cats she had left. I just thought that was really cool. :-)

Eww... there is a small fly in my coffee. Oh well, I was almost done with it anyways. I wonder how long it has been there...


  • Maybe your cleaning streak is the nesting impulse some women get before they go into labor... I never had that myself (I'm rarely motivated to clean intensely) but I hear it happens.

    By Blogger MrsDarwin, at 6:45 AM  

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