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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



At least the baby's only been in this position since Thursday night (I think) and I'm "only" at 34 weeks.

My midwife doesn't seem too concerned as of yet, and everything else seems to be looking just fine so at least there's that.

But still, *sigh*


  • {{hugs}} You'll be okay, sweetie. Just spend some time on your hands and knees, reading, keeping level. Coax and talk and encourage. It'll be okay. Some babies even start labor breech and then turn (or get turned, *grin*) before coming on down. Still, not what you wanted to add to your plate, I'm sure. {{more hugs}}

    By Blogger Dy, at 7:55 AM  

  • Around this time in my pregnancy with Jude, he was mostly breech. Maybe he didn't like standing on his head for long periods of time :) As with this new baby, we had to induce for him. When it got down to business, he moved into the head down position and all was well.

    By Blogger Julie M., at 9:25 AM  

  • I appreciate your comments, thank you! I'm trying not to worry about it too much. I don't think I have the option of waiting until I go into labor though - CA liability and insurance requirements can be a major PITA. But we'll see, perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic.

    By Blogger Amber, at 6:29 PM  

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