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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Due Date

Yes, today is my due date. I suppose it doesn't mean all that much, other than a rough approximation of when the baby's expected... but still it carries quite a lot of psychological weight. At this point I am in the odd position of feeling like the baby's birth is both imminent and impossible. Completely contradictory, I know, but there it is. I'm starting to feel more emotional and more tired, and just generally ready to move from pregnancy to mother of a newborn. Soon, soon...

At my 39 week appointment on Wednesday my midwife felt that I was really quite close. My impression was that she thinks it may even be this weekend. No way of knowing until it happens though, is there!

I was at a local hardware store today and a woman asked me when I am due. I told her "today" and her eyes widened and she looked startled as she stared at my huge belly - it was if she was envisioning a ticking time bomb strapped to my torso. She cautiously asked "well, do you think you'll be late?" I responded, "well, it certainly is looking that way". She nodded, accepting this, and continued to stare at my belly. I think she was expecting me to go into labor right then and there.

We (Matt & myself - we did not take Emma) did go and see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe today, and we enjoyed it. There were definitely some changes from the book, but for the most part I think they made sense. There were a few things that bothered me (namely how they handled Edmund's departure from the Beaver's, the Beaver's interaction with each other, and how they got all the children to Narnia in the first place) but on the whole I thought it was well put together. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more had I not just finished reading it to Emma within the last few weeks. The audience (a mix of families and church youth groups) were very excited and enthusiastic about the movie, applauding at several points and at the end of the movie. I am certain it will be quite successful, but I couldn't help feeling like it was missing something. I wish I could figure out what it was. I'm glad we didn't take Emma though, there were parts that would definitely have been too intense for her. I think she will be fine watching it when it comes out on DVD, though, and I think she'll enjoy it then. She'll be another 6 months older or so, and we can watch it at home with the lights on which should help her get through some of the tenser scenes. There was one family there with a little boy who couldn't have been more than two and at one point in the movie he just started shrieking with fright - poor little guy just sounded terrified.


  • Hi Amber.. It's your, I don't know, "cousin in law" or something. Anyways, I didn't realize your due date was so close! December birthdays are the best. Hope all goes well when the baby comes! Emma's looking really really cute - hopefully I can see you guys sometime in the near future.


    By Anonymous Jonathan, at 7:10 AM  

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